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Businesses are typically limited in their ability to efficiently gather, receive and process secure information via an online form. When requesting sensitive customer information, a more sophisticated method of data collection must be employed. Due to the unsecure nature of simple email, the proper encryption techniques are required to prevent unwanted individuals from gaining access to such sensitive information. By using a combination of encryption algorithms and an encrypted SSL connection, we can assure your customer information is properly safeguarded through each stage of submission and retrieval.

The Secure Form Center is an advanced SaaS (Software as a Service) application specifically designed for the secure hosting of dynamic PDF online forms. A form hosted by the Secure Form Center can be hyperlinked directly from any website via an encrypted SSL connection. Upon form submission, the collected data is instantly encrypted through a combination of unique algorithms and readied for storage. Your submitted form data is immediately available to you upon login into the Secure Form Center utility.

By merging customer data with the master dynamic PDF application, secure online forms can now be received fully completed, formatted and ready for processing with no third-party software installation or licensing. Bulk download capabilities along with data formatting choices provide you with a wealth of options in retrieving online form data. HTML applications are also supported as well as dynamic PDF forms created in either Adobe LiveCycle or Adobe Acrobat. Certain limitations may apply.

Secure Form Center will absolutely change the way you receive online form submissions!

If you require a highly secure and productive means of online data collection or simply need a more efficient means of gathering feedback information such as surveys or comments, request a Secure Form Center fact sheet and webinar today!

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