Frequently Asked Questions

Is NexusOne Media, Inc. an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
No. Contrary to an incorrect listing on the YellowPages(.com) website, we DO NOT offer Internet dial-up, broadband or mobile services.

Is NexusOne Media, Inc. affiliated with the Google Nexus One smartphone?
No. We've been providing Internet consulting and hosting services since 2007 and have no association with Google, its cellular service, products or mobile applications.

Where is NexusOne Media, Inc. located?
Our main headquarters reside in Central Florida.

What kind of websites have you designed?
We have designed websites for a broad array of clients nationwide including financial institutions, law firms, non-profit organizations, medical facilities, automotive centers and more. These websites have included a variety of elements including SQL database integration, content management systems, flash animation, video, custom applications, secure forms and more.

Do you personally meet your clients before starting a project?
Sometimes. Although meeting potential customers one-on-one can be an affective and invaluable business practice, it's not required. Because we serve clients nationwide, our primary means of communication are via phone, email, webinars and conference calls.

How much does a website cost?
Good question! We rarely set a price tag on any custom web design or development service because each project is generally unique and may require additional services or features.

What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is simply the means of storing a website's pages including its images, content, etc. on a computer server that is accessible via the World Wide Web.

How much does Web hosting cost?
Please review our Semi-Dedicated Web Hosting information and then contact us so we can recommended the proper hosting solution.

How to do I update my website once it's finished?
NexusOne Media prides itself in excellent customer support and satisfaction. If you need assistance with website changes or revisions, we provide comprehensive maintenance support. An hourly fee may apply.

If you're technically savvy and want to cut costs, we also offer do-it-yourself content management systems.

How do I add a shopping cart to my website?
NexusOne Media offers turnkey ecommerce solutions that allow us to seamlessly embedd a shopping cart into any website. We can also assist you in setting up a payment gateway and merchant account to begin processing secure online payments. Additional fees apply.

I'm very computer unsavvy and know nothing about websites, domain names, hosting, etc. Can you help me?
Of course, NexusOne Media will walk you through every aspect of your new website project and then do 100% of the technical work for you. We don't expect you to know everything. If you did, probably wouldn't be reading this. :)

Please note that the creation of all web page content or verbiage is the resposibility of the customer and not NexusOne Media.

I want to add an online form to my website to collect customer that safe?
By default, email is extremely unsecure and vulnerable to third-party intrusion. In response to this vulnerability, we have developed a secure online form hosting application that allows you to provide simple or even complex dynamic PDF web forms on your website. Your customer's data is secure and you receive formatted prefilled forms at the click of a button. A monthly subscription fee applies for use of the Secure Form Center.

What makes NexusOne Media different from other Web companies?
NexusOne Media, Inc. has been serving the financial and commercial industry since 2007. Our current CEO and Creative Director, Chad W. Strong, has been supporting many of our present clients for over 10 years. That's experience and trust you can rely upon!

The protection of your data as well as our professionally built products, customer support excellence and non-cookie cutter web plans and infrastructure is what sets us apart from the corporate giants to the local neighborhood web design and hosting firms. Innovative products like the Secure Form Center along with our partnerships with industry leaders such as Rackspace, Verisign, PayPal and are a true testament to our security concerns and endeavors.

Our business model has always been based on excellent customer service and reliable information technology strategies and tools. We choose our business partners carefully and only associate ourselves with the very best. The dedication and attention to every product and service we offer is obvious. By being vigilant and in touch with our customers, we have established trusting and successful relationships that we're continuously building upon.

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