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We understand the importance of a solid marketing strategy as well as the value of commercial branding. The time and resources you devote to your online marketing campaigns should be no different from those performed offline. Reinforcing your corporate brand and awareness with a professional user-friendly web presence is now a requirement that a majority of consumers have come to expect.

NexusOne Media can construct a website to fit both your business requirements and budget using the latest in web development products and tools. Whether you're in need of superior graphic design, a simple and solid infrastructure, or just secure and reliable web host provider, NexusOne Media can provide the necessary solutions corporate websites demand.

Our web design services utilize a variety of coding languages and data storage options including (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Flash, MS SQL, My SQL, ASP and PHP.

Custom as well as template-built websites are both available via our design services. Custom sites are entirely constructed within the guidelines of the client's instructions and typically have a longer development time associated with them. A template site uses a prefabricated model for the overall base structure and design layout. Template sites can add a substantial savings (up to 25%) to the final cost of a project, but may include additional limitations or restrictions. Please ask about restriction details when considering the right website solution for your organization.

Word Press and Drupal support is also available.

Transform your website into an online powerhouse!
Enhance your website by adding interactive tools such as a content management system, site search or secure forms to your online presence. Incorporating dynamic tools into a website can not only increase the relevance and traffic, but can also assist in administrative tasks such as content maintenance and customer support.

We take pride in the diversity of clients we have the pleasure of serving and look forward in offering an ever-growing array of online tools and services to compliment our future clients and their web service needs.

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